Digitize Old Albums or Scrapbooks

You or someone put a lot of time and effort and care into those scrapbooks – preserve them just as they are! This service is also perfect when you don’t want to or can’t have your photo albums disassembled. We scan all of your album and scrapbook pages at 600 DPI.

How do I save photo albums and scrapbooks?

We understand that making photo albums and scrapbooks are a serious investment of both time and money. The hours of work result often result in family heirlooms that’ll be Read More

Lifespan of a scrapbook.

Because of the wide variety of materials used for scrapbooks and the common use of newspaper clippings and other items, the aging of a scrapbook is all over the map. Read More

FREE help to organize your books

The first step is to identify the subject or date range of each album or scrapbook. If yours are already titled on the spine or the inside Read More

What do I get back?

Each scrapbook is scanned so you resulting 600 DPI file are full pages in sequential order. These files can be edited, pages isolated and Read More

Why Now?

Here are the top reasons to scan your old photo albums and scrapbooks Read More

Can I create a new book?

Scrapbook and album re-creation has become one of the most popular parts of our business. Once digitized, a treasured family scrapbook can be re-printed as Read More

$500 Minimum
For orders under $500, we offer our Valet rush service.
Valet Service $200

$500 minimum per order

Flatbed $1.99
11×14 or larger $5

Stitching $12
Small album Handling $19
Album Handling $29
Overhead Album Page Images per Page $0.5
Full Page Scrapbook Scans $1.99
Photo Cropping (per image) $1
Overhead Image Capture $49
Trophy and Memorabilia Photos $20

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