Digitize Your Old Photos

Whether you have 10,000 old family photos, shelves full of albums or just a few precious heirloom photos for restoration, our state-of-the-art digitizing lab delivers outstanding results and delivers back to you high-quality digital images perfect for sharing, ancestry books and more.

300 DPI, 600 DPI, 1200 DPI… What should I do?

For most family snapshots, a 600 DPI scan will be more than enough. The photo file sizes are compact and the quality suitable for most every use. At 600 DPI, a typical 4”x6” photograph can be viewed on a 50” flat screen TV or reprinted as an 8”x12”. Read More

Lifespan of a photo

Photos and similar media often fade over time, occasionally disappearing completely. Whether it be the ravages of time, non-archival albums, exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures or processing Read More

Remember, the warmer the climate and the closer to the ocean that you are, the faster your items will degrade.

FREE help organizing your photos

We have professional organizers on staff to help you. We provide in-home organizing services throughout the states of California Read More

What do I get back?

That’s a great question. First, we will return your original photos in archival packaging, ready for long-term storage. The digital copies will be organized  Read More

Can I organize my own photos?

Yes you can! Ultimately, your organization system should be as close as possible to what you want to see on your computer. We recommend Read More

What about scrabooks and albums?

The good news is that these are already organized! If you think about it, most albums and scrapbooks were created with some sort of plan and usually cover a Read More

$500 Minimum
For orders under $500, we offer our Valet rush service.
Valet Service $200

$500 Minimum
For orders under $500, we offer our Valet rush service.
Valet Service $200

Color Photos 8×12 or smaller $0.59
Color Photos 11×14 or larger $5
Black and White or Fragile Photos $1.99

2400 DPI $5
4800 DPI $10
9600 DPI $20
Specialty Scanning (tin types, daguerreotype, etc.) $19

Image Stitching $12
Small album Handling $19
Album Handling $29
Overhead Album Page Images $0.05/page
Full Page Scrapbook Scans $1.99
Album Photo Cropping $1/page
Overhead Image Capture $100 + $15/scan
Trophy and Memorabilia Photos $20

Minor $29
Moderate $59
Heavy $69
Severe $89
Color Correction $0.2
Colorization $100
*Prices above are per piece.
**All prices are subject to change without notice.

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