Tell a story of love and legacy in a captivating and dynamic 15-minute video. For presentation on any occasion: Memorial, Big Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Reunion, or Wedding.


15 minutes
A 15-minute Slideshow extended Slideshow (for the family)
2 videotape transfer for use in the shows
Up to 200 photographs scanned
2 thumb drives with all your digitized media
2 playable DVD’s with custom printed face
A custom printed keychain to attach to thumbdrive
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Slide Show

  • Decide on the media (photos and video) you want to appear in the Business Slide Show and bring or send them to us.
  • A specialist will be in contact with you to help you decide on music, themes and to get specific relevant information (dates to use in titles, the identities of people appearing in the media, etc…)
  • The specialist will create your Business Slide Show.
  • The client will Review Business Slide Show and give feedback.
  • When the Business Slideshow is complete to your satisfaction, We will deliver it USB stick.
  • Not counting the scanning process, Business Slide Show creation can take 3 days to a week, depending on workload.