Restore Your Photos

Photos, slides, negatives all fade over time. Plus, they can tear, get water damage, mold problems and many more tragedies can befall them. But, don’t worry. We can save them with our museum-quality scanning and excellent photo art skills.

Restored, Retouch, Recolor… What Should I Do?

We develop individual strategies for each item. Having completed thousands of restorations over the years,

What can I restore?

Photographs, Slides, Negatives, Movie Film, Videotapes, Audio And More…

What do I get back?

We provide you with your original item, the museum-quality scan of that item and the restored digital file saved to an archival-quality DVD. We can also make beautiful prints on our 200 year lifetime archival printer.

Can I reprint it?

You can. The digital images you receive can be emailed, uploaded, printed and shared.
Minor $29
Moderate $49
Heavy $69
Severe $89
Color Correction ($40 min.) $0.2
Full colorization $100
*Prices above are per piece.
**All prices are subject to change without notice.

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