Digitize Your Audio

If you have old audio cassettes, reel to reel audio tape or CDs containing oral histories, family music or important stories, you want to keep that treasure. We can help you do it!

CD, Cassettes… What Should I Do?

Here are some good rules of thumb to help you make these important decisions. First, if it is a family recording of a special event, or the kids playing with the tape recorder or the music of a loved one Read More


Lifespan of a audio

Unfortunately, the physics of that magnetic tape do not allow them to last forever. Most magnetic tape begins to deteriorate in about 13-15 years. At 30 years old, there will be issues. At 50 years old, the Read More

What do I get back?

Our standard delivery is high-quality digital MP3 files on an archival DVD. You can get also get USB flash drives, playable CDs or higher quality files. Read More

Can I organize my audio?

Organizing your audio is really easy once it is digitized. We will make a separate file for each tape or side of a tape and title it as you wish.

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