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Videotapes were never meant to be a permanent form of media storage. With a life expectancy of only about 20 years, you need to transfer your videotapes to DVD now. Get an estimate on conversion services for all your home movies, precious memories and video archives. Whether to DVD, external HDD or online, we will handle all your tapes with the utmost care!

VHS, 8mm, Beta, U-Matic… What Should I Do?

Frightening fact: Videotapes have a limited life – usually no more than 30 years; that’s even less than the lifespan of an average bear, 40 years. This deterioration happens as Read More

Lifespan of a video

Unfortunately, videotapes have a relatively short lifespan. In most climates, a videotape begins to degrade in 12-18 years. We have found that most videotapes over 25 years old Read More

FREE help to organize your videos

Most videotape collections have a variety of different types of tapes. We also find some titled, some dated, and some not. Our skilled Read More

What do I get back?

Our videotape transfer system allows you to get playable DVDs, digital files on a USB flash Read More

Why Now?

There are three main reasons for transferring your videotapes to DVDs, HDD or other digital movie Read More

Different types of videotapes

There are many different types of video cassette tapes that were in use as the media Read More

$500 Minimum
For orders under $500, we offer our Valet rush service.
Valet Service $200

$500 minimum per order

½” $120
¾” $120
1” $165
2” $165
Other $79.95

VHS $29.95
VHS-C $29.95
8mm $29.95
Digital 8 $29.95
MiniDV $29.95
Moldy VHS $49.95
BetaMax $49.95
U-Matic $79.95
BetaCam $79.95
DigiBeta $79.95

*Prices above are per piece.
**All prices are subject to change without notice.

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