Digitize Your Old Negatives

If you have kept your negatives and want them scanned, we can help! We offer different quality levels based on the age, condition and subject matter. The end result will be beautiful image suitable for your big screen TV, prints, photobooks and online sharing.

1200 DPI, 2400 DPI, 4800 DPI… What should I do?

Remember, negatives are usually 1/5th the size of a photo print. Therefore, the DPI must be increased by 500% in order to get the same resolution as a photo scan. Read More

Lifespan of a Negative

Negatives fade over time, occasionally disappearing completely. Although they tend to endure longer than a printed photograph, negatives fade in a similar way. Without investing in an archival vault, digitizing is the most intelligent decision when it comes to protecting and sharing your negative collection… Read More

FREE help organizing your negatives

We have professional organizers on staff to help you. We provide in-home organizing services throughout the states of California, Nevada and Utah. Read More

What do I get back?

That’s a great question. First, we will return your original negatives in archival packaging, ready for long-term storage. The digital copies will be Read More

Why Now?

These negatives are not getting any younger and the kids can’t enjoy them rotting away in your closet. Take action and scan them now. You will clear up a “must do” in your life while preserving your family history to pass on to your future generations. Read More

$500 Minimum
For orders under $500, we offer our Valet rush service.
Valet Service $200

1200 DPI (35mm, 126mm,
127mm) $0.75
2400 DPI (35mm, 126mm,
127mm, 110mm) $1.5
4800 DPI (35mm, 126mm,
127mm, 110mm) $3

600 DPI $3
1200 DPI $5
2400 DPI $10
4800 DPI $20

600 DPI $10
1200 DPI $20
2400 DPI $30
4800 DPI $50

Cutting per roll $5
Binder Sleeves-Removal $0.1
Binder Sleeves-Replacement $0.1
Color Correction ($40 min.) $0.2

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