“Boxes of Great Stuff” Sorting Program
$1000 with 20% commission
  1. Send us up to 12 Banker Boxes of Personal Items and we will:
  2. Sort all items and separate into key categories
  3. Provide a written and photographic inventory of all ”Keeper” items
  4. Provide a photographic inventory of all trash, probable trash and other items of
    questionable value before disposing of them.
  5. Provide a detailed, written estimate of all digitizing work.
  6. Conduct a FaceTime or Zoom call with you and/or your client to review everything and
    record your disposition instructions.
  7. Digitize all items as instructed (as per estimate)
  8. Put all “Keeper” memorabilia items into archival bags and label as instructed
  9. Pack memorabilia and all other “Keeper” items carefully into boxes
  10. Ship the “Keeper” items to the address of your choice. (Shipping costs extra)
  11. Send a set of archival DVDs and/or flash drive containing all digitized images.

To order, call 800-297-7226, ext 6

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