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Tips for Prepping Documents:

Option 1. You Prepare Your Documents for Us:

  • Unbind documents – Remove from folders, take off rubberbands, etc.
  • Carefully unfold and smooth out folded or wrinkled documents.
  • Remove staples, paper clips, and other fasteners.
  • Tape torn documents.
  • Align all pages to the same orientation so that the top of every page faces the same way and the front of every page faces the same way.
  • Maintain the original order and sort documents into batches and separate using colored paper, taking notes of which batches have double sided materials in them.

Option 2. Bring us a banker’s box (approx. 2500 pages) and we’ll scan and prep your documents for a reasonable additional charge.

If you have a large collection of documents, arrange a pre-scanning organization appointment. These can be had at your home or place of business or by Zoom. Our experts will share tips and secrets that are certain to save you a lot of time and money!

Digitized documents become PDF files. We keep your groups together as muti-page PDFs. All documents can become Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) friendly with a short extra step. We put everything on an archival DVD and can also provide USB flash drives, Google Drive upload or however you need it.

Let’s face it – the era of paper is coming to an end and there are distinct advantages to having important documents easily accessible via computer, tablet and even mobile phone. Plus, almost all typed words will be searchable on your computer for easy finding of everything!

Yes! We digitize the documents in the exact order they are given to us. So, keep them in their binders and in their file folders and these will be put into clearly labeled digital folders that are titled just the way you tell us.

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