Are DVDs Obsolete?

I love this question because it is simple, fair, honest and the answer is so darn complicated. The straight answer is not yet. But, this really depends upon your intended usage. So, let’s take a look at what a DVD is, why people currently use DVDs and what to expect for the future.

A DVD is a thin, plastic disc that looks smooth. But, in fact, it is constructed in a way that allows you to record and store data in small pits on its surface. With proper lamination and materials, an archival disc could store data for up to 1000 years. That is a very long time and probably far longer than a device to read the DVD will be around!

Before the proliferation of fast, high capacity flash memory devices (flash drives, SD cards, etc) and high-speed internet, DVDs were the only easy and inexpensive way to store and share data. But, now you can stream a movie via Netflix directly into your television and you would think that a DVD is about as valuable as a Blockbuster store.

However, DVDs are not just for watching movies. Although there are still some diehard DVD users out there, DVDs are now more commonly used to store digital files, like photo collections, home movies and documents.

But, why would somebody use a DVD instead of a flash drive? Well, they usually wouldn’t. Instead, you would find the smartest among us will have both. The flash drive becomes the easy tool to copy, share and use the data. It is faster and can store much more than a DVD can. But, when it comes to an archival quality, physical copy of your digital media, you are going to want a high-quality DVD, also.

We provide a 75 year life, archival quality DVD for all digital files we create for you. These DVDs are included at no charge, except for videotape transfers. Once you get your set, you probably will never use them. Just put them into your safety deposit box or send a copy to your most reliable sibling. In case you hit a string of digital bad luck (sadly too common these days), you will have your back-up copy that can instantly restore you back to safety.

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