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I have an Apple Phone and a PC laptop. What is a better place to store my photos, Apple Photos or Google Photos?

Oh, boy! This is going to be a tough one. The real answer is that it depends. But, let’s cover some basics, first.

To make life easiest, you are better off with complete consistency across operating systems. In other words, an iPhone, Mac computer at home and Apple Photos is the Holy Trinity when it comes to easy photo management. Likewise, if you are in the PC world, an Android phone, a PC and google Photos is just as seamless. Whenever you cross over platforms, expect some issues that will take some tech skills to overcome. It is all doable, but it might require some expertise, particularly when setting it all up initially.

Of course, this all leads to the big question: Which is better, Apple Photos or Google Photos? Well, they are both exceptionally good programs with very frustrating holes. Still, most professionals would lean towards Apple. But, unless you are very techy or have a grandchild that prefers helping you over playing video games, your best choice is to not cross platforms and stick to a fully integrated solution.

If you have to mix platforms, I suggest letting your smartphone dictate the direction. iPhone users should definitely use Apple Photos. Android users should use Google Photos. Both Apple and Google have pretty respectable websites that you can log on to and manage your collection on your PC. But, day-to-day use needs to be easy and sticking to Apple or PC entirely will always be the easiest path.

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