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The Video Lite Package is the starter package offered to clients to tell their family stories in a high-quality video documentary produced at an affordable price. This Package includes a Planning Kit, Hours of setup time, Shooting time, Hours of editing time, and a 15-minute video. The Planning Kit will be given to the client after the salesperson has described all the details to the client about what is included in the Family Histories Package. In the Planning Kit will be all items needed for the planning process of making a family documentary including Script suggested interview questions. When the Interview Questions are to the client’s desired preference, they will be submitted to the producer so that they can be reviewed and a shooting schedule can be arranged with the clients.

After the clients have arranged a convent date to shoot, all the interview questions will be given to a videographer along with production notes needed for the day of shooting. On the agreed, upon date, the videographer will arrive and set up all equipment needed to conduct family interviews and shoot 2 hours worth of interview questions needed to make the video. After the footage has been captured it will be sent to the producer for quality assurance before it is sent to the editor. Along with the footage being sent, there will also be $100 worth of scanned media that will be added to the footage. After the editor has sent the video back it will be reviewed by the producer once again to make sure it meets with the parameters given by the client. A private screening will be arranged for the clients to see their Video History and see if it meets with established expectations. If any changes need to be made the video will be altered to the client’s desired specifications. Once the video is to the desired specifications it will be given to the client for in the preferred media format of their choosing.

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